Welcome to the wines down south website. We bring you interesting and useful facts about wines, how to store them and how best to promote your wine business.

Our information comes for a number of different sources:-

  • external wine buffs.
  • local knowledge about wines.
  • local knowledge about web marketing and promotion.

All framed by years of relevant experience in and marketing of wine businesses.


We include interesting wine articles about wines from lots of different countries.

We like to try to find wines from unusual places.

Wine Storage

There is a lot to discuss about the topic of wine storage. From basic racking through to full wine cellars. And lets not forget the many types of wine storage cabinet that are availabe these days. All worthy of some discussion

Online marketing for wine Businesses

This is obviously a huge topic so we will concentrate on some of the key methods. This should include:-

  • PPC advertising
  • SEO
  • Local search.


Interesting Marketing and Wine Information

One area Growers Champagne agree with the ideas of other Champagne Producers.

Growers champagne has carved out an individual path for itself in virtually every area from production to door to door delivery to individual customers. There is one area in which this eclectic group of wine producers do agree with other producers of the world’s favourite sparkling wine and that is in bottle size. We are …