One area Growers Champagne agree with the ideas of other Champagne Producers.

Growers champagne has carved out an individual path for itself in virtually every area from production to door to door delivery to individual customers. There is one area in which this eclectic group of wine producers do agree with other producers of the world’s favourite sparkling wine and that is in bottle size.

We are probably all familiar with the ever increasing size of champagne bottles from the standard bottle, the magnum, the Jeroboam, plus a multitude of larger sizes. There is a demand for larger and larger bottle sizes that is fuelled by the desire to impress those around those celebrating. However with champagne there is a real case for the idea that less is more.

Part of the process of producing champagne is transference of the wine to another bottle as part of the fermentation process along with the addition of sugar to the wine is fundamentally what helps create champagne. To create a standard size bottle of champagne there is no problem in a single transfer between the first fermentation and the second fermentation to another bottle. The same is true for the production of a magnum of champagne as well. There are those including those exponents of growers champagne that say there is a real drop in quality of the champagne produced if larger quantities of champagne are produced, for example a Jeroboam. This requires another transfer as part of the fermentation process and there is agreement that this is a transfer too far, and that in doing so the quality of champagne is compromised.

Not all champagne producers are quite as dedicated to maintaining quality of product and many of the main stream producers merely supply according to demand no matter what effect on quality results from the production process. This is not so with those who produce grower champagne their dedication to maintaining quality of their product is shown through the complete production process from the growing of the grapes on the vineyards they own, to the delivery to customers doorsteps who have ordered online.

Grower’s champagne has a growing number of dedicated followers who appreciate these distinctly unique brands of champagne. The simplicity of ordering and convenience of having superb champagne delivered directly to the door makes this particular treat irresistible.